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Nail Clip


All grooming options, aside from select services, are on-site only.

-Most grooming appointments are weekends-

Full Service Grooming Includes:

Brushing - Bath - Blow Dry - Dental Exam - Teeth Brushed - Ears Cleaned - Trimming if Necessary - Deshed if Necessary - Nails Trimmed

Image by Reba Spike

Cat Grooming

  • Full Groom: $50

  • Lion Cut w/ Standard Full Groom: $80

  • Dry Lion Cut: $40

Having a Bath

Dog Grooming

  • Fur Type Full Groom: $40 - $120 (Lab/Shepherd/Husky Types)

  • Hair Type Full Groom: $80 - $200      (Poodle/Yorkie/Bichon Types) 

  • Basic Bath Only: $20

  • Medicated Bath: $25

  • Oatmeal Bath: $25

  • Blow Dry Add-on: $5-$15

  • Ear Cleaning: $10

  • Medicated Ear Flush: $15

  • Brushing session: $1/min

Image by J. Balla Photography


  • Dematting: $1/min

  • Sanitary Clip: $10

  • Express Anal Glands: $22

  • Hotspot clip/clean/treat: $25

  • Nail trim: $15

  • Nail file: +$5

  • Full Tidy (Feet, Face, Sanitary): $30

  • Kennel Cough Vaccine (Nasal): $22

  • Paw pad trim: $10

  • Paw tidying (pad trim and foot shaped): $15

  • Travel fee within 10 miles: $20

  • Off-site travel fee outside 10 miles: $1/mile

  • Hand Stripping: $40/hr

Vet records must be sent in prior to grooming

Find our canine intake and waiver under the FORMS tab

Current Pop-Up Grooming Services:

For the last Saturday of every month, we've partnered with Holli-Day Care at their Barre VT location to offer monthly nail trims and ear cleaning. 

Open to the public with payment, but free for regular daycare clients. Contact the Holli-Day Care staff to get on the schedule!

Address: 8 Circle St Barre, VT 05641

Puppy/Kitten Program!

Do you have a new fluffy addition to your family? Will he or she need regular grooming? We have a special 2 month long program to slowly introduce grooming. Visits are short, often only aiming to accomplish a few regular grooming activities with lots of positive reinforcement! Contact us for more info!

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