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"I came to Vermont from seacoast New Hampshire in 2018 after undergrad. The move came from a want to be closer to agriculture, rural community, and nature. 

My professional background is widely mixed animal and I wanted to create a business that would reflect this. In August of 2022 I closed on my first home, and Beloved Animal Care was softly opened in late December 2022. Connecting with farm and pet owners is something I missed about being on the road and in a vet tech position.


My animal-loving partner Jake assists with all aspects of this little venture. He is a built-in, and very appreciated part of Beloved Animal Care. You'll see him helping with off-site visits, daycare dogs, and grooming. Some 4-legged clients even prefer him!


We love our community and the wonderful connections this business has brought us.  "  -Yianna


Professional Background

Formal Education: Bachelors of Science: Animal Science, Masters: Business Administration.

Extras: NAVC Pet Nutrition Coach Certified

Past and Present:

  • 5+ years of veterinary technician experience, mixed animal

    • Basic grooming experience included​

  • 15+ years of professional equine handling/training

    • International and regional titles​

  • 15+ years of caring for various small farm animals

  • 6+ years milking/handling dairy cattle

  • 4+ years of professional animal nutrition and sales (ruminate specialty)

  • 20+ years of owning/training small animals

  • Currently working within AgTech and building a small homestead



Meet Our Animals!

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